Select one of the strikes presented in the video as your focus for this assignment (2014). Top 10 labor strikes in U.S. history. Retrieved from

Select one of the strikes presented in the video as your focus for this assignment:

10. Steel Strike 1919 9. UPS Worker Strike 1997 8. U.S. Postal Strike 1970 7. Professional Air Traffic Controllers Strike 1981 6. Homestead Steelworkers Strike 1892 5. ILGWU Garment Workers Strike 1909 4. Great Railroad Strike 1922 3. Textile Workers Strike 1934 2. Bituminous Coal Strike 1946 1. Steelworkers Strike 1959

Prepare a 5-page paper addressing the following:

1. Summarize the story behind the strike.

2. Was there a “winning” side and a “losing” side? Or, were both sides “winners? Or, were both sides “losers”? Why?

3. The union movement has changed throughout history. Many labor-management agreements today call for cooperation between management and labor. Discern whether or not, given this turbulent history, a cooperative partnership is even possible.

Use at least five Online Library sources plus any applicable background readings to support your discussion.

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