A proposal for this module project. The module is Economics for Management. We need to prepare an annotated outline of the Final Project, indicating the content that we plan to include in each section of the report and the concepts and techniques we plan to apply for analysing any data and developing your argument.

The Final Project should follow the given outline:
1. Brief company background and history
2. Description of firm’s organisation and management model
3. Competitor and market analysis
4. Product and services pricing strategies
5. Degree of regulation or deregulation
6. Risk management
7. Capital structure and budgeting
8. Conclusion
Please, not to forget that the Final Project should also include a section on how and where we obtained the information sources as well as the methodology used to perform any analysis (SWOT, Porter model, etc.).
1- Project proposal.
2- Readings for several weeks of the module.

Please keep the same references at the proposal and you can use also the main reference of the module that you can find at the following link:

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