“The History of Human Services” pertaining to specific social problems in the community.

History of Social Problems

You are the director of an agency that serves populations with the following social problems:

· Substance abuse,

· Child abuse,

· Elderly health and social care,

· Issues in corrections,

· Homelessness,

· School behavior-related issues, and

· Poverty.

You are asked by your supervisor to train new volunteers at your agency. You need to provide the volunteers background education on your agency, the social problem, and the populations being served. The topic is: “The History of Human Services” pertaining to specific social problems in the community.

Choose one of the aforementioned social problems that your agency serves and discuss the following items:

1. Describe the issues related to the social problem at this point in time.

2. Discuss the timeline of major historical issues of the problem.

3. Provide two solutions to the problem.

4. Explain the predominant human service concerns during this current year compared to the very start of your timeline?

Your training manual should be 2-3 pages in length. You are welcome to include graphics for visual interest, use colorful font, and apply APA Style citations and references when thoughts, ideas, graphics, or another author’s work is utilized.

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