Theories and Models of Health Promotion:- Increasing Awareness and Skills in Programs

Theories and Models of Health Promotion:- Increasing Awareness and Skills in Programs

Raising awareness and developing the skills of individuals, groups and communities is an important aspect of health promotion practice. Read and review Chapters 5 and 7 of the Gottwald and Goodman-Brown text (2012) on social marketing and mass communication;Gottwald, M., & Goodman-Brown, J. (2012). A guide to practical health promotion. Maidenhead, UK: McGraw-Hill Education.
AND Chapter 5 in Corcoran (2013) on information technology in health communication (Corcoran, N. (2013). Communicating health: strategies for health promotion. (2nd ed.). London: Sage Publications Ltd. ;
AND the paper on health literacy by Nutbeam (2000)Nutbeam, D. (2000) Health literacy as a public health goal: A challenge for contemporary health education and communication strategies into the 21st century. Health Promotion International, 15(3), 259–267. Retrieved from .

Then, identify those strategies that are both evidence-based and effective, and that can be incorporated within community health programs to increase awareness, motivate and develop the skills of people in diverse communities.

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