What threats to validity may be apparent in research strategy



All students were asked to submit a research proposal as class assignment. Based on your submitted proposal please answer the following questions using PowerPoint presentation.


  1. Explain your research design with a diagram/picture/graph using one slide only.
  2. Which strategy, or strategies, may be most appropriate for your research question(s) and objectives? Why this is the most appropriate strategy for your study?
  3. What threats to validity may be apparent in your research strategy?
  4. What threats to reliability may be apparent in your research strategy?
  5. Which data collection technique, or techniques, may be most appropriate for your research question(s) and objectives? Why the selected technique or techniques is/are the most appropriate for your study?
  6. What is the significance of this study? Why you think your selected topic is one of the critical topic/subject to be investigated. Explain.


Please explain the main research question and the research objectives at the start of your presentation before you answer all these questions during your presentation.



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