To some degree, the fact that terrorist groups have been trying to install bombs in electronic devices is a testament to the success of advanced security techniques.

Assignment topic:
To some degree, the fact that terrorist groups have been trying to install bombs in electronic devices is a testament to the success of advanced security techniques. Screening equipment, procedures and aviation security legislation have improved significantly since the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, making it more difficult to bring explosives onto airplanes. Critically evaluate these measures and discuss whether you consider these measures to be sufficient and adequate in effectively dealing with aviation security breaches.

  • Presents material in logical, fluent order; error free in respect to grammar, spelling, typographical errors.

1.0 Introduction

  • Addresses the specific question(s) posed. Demonstrates clear understanding of topic(s) with good theoretical background.
  • Write what you write about exactly in this paper

2.0 Body 

  • I want to see a reference at the end of each paragraph.
  • Explains relevant concepts, principles, theories, case studies and provides practical examples where appropriate.
  • Presents an analysis and evaluation of the ideas and theories discussed. Critically reviews literature; contrast and compares relevant debates, concepts and theories.
  • Arguments illustrate critical analysis and evaluation with an internal integration and coherence.
  • Demonstrates adequate use of sources to gain further in-depth knowledge of the topic in question and the specific question(s) posed
  • Justifies literature in relation to question(s); clearly links literature to objectives; incorporates current / recent literature
  • Background of 9/11 background
  • What is the measures in place helps to prevent bringing explosive in-board & how it helps to prevent? & use examples .
  • critically evaluate them in detail


  • Summarize the body.
  • Synthesis the analysis of key principles and concepts and discusses and explores alternative outcomes
  • Provides a suitable conclusion in relation to the area(s) of discussion and the specific questions; draws from analysis; provides rational alternative arguments / recommendations which are supported.
  • Correct format with referencing
  • What is your thought for the future ( your opinion )


  • Harverd style ( books, magazines, articles & 1 or 2 websites only )
  • Correct format with referencing


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