understanding the mental state of a criminal

Forensic psychology denotes a unique aspect in the legal environment. Most importantly, in the law enforcement field, it has become mandatory to implement forensic psychology to comprehend the mental state of a criminal. As such understanding, not only how the legal system prevails but also the operational dynamics of the relevant statutes presents a need for analysis of sociopaths. In the recent years, forensic psychology has become a field of concern in deciphering and understanding the mental state of a criminal. The pertinent trend about forensic psychology has been the appreciation of the field as an important facet of the learning environment. In the turn of the twenty-first venture, Brennan, et al., (2012) emphasizes that there were no individuals who had earned a doctorate in forensic psychology. The prospect of appreciation of the field and its importance to the criminal behavior analysis has been at a low manner with pundits such as  advocating for the need for comprehensive policies towards encompassing the field in the criminal investigation process. With the increasing calls for appreciation of forensic psychology, it has become evident that it is fundamental to encompass effective training programs for encompassing forensic psychology.

On the other hand, emphasizes that encompassing forensic psychology in the learning institutions requires the conformity to the ethical practices and principles. Admittedly, due to the uniqueness of forensic psychology, there is no comprehensive scrutiny of the practice. As such, the findings of the diverse forensic assessments have an impact on litigants and victims in the investigation process. Therefore, the implementation of comprehensive ethical-based practices should enable effective policy development.


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