Unilever Company Strategy

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Select a Competitive Environment and a Company within that Competitive Environment.
The assignment has three components:

1. Provide background to your selected:
a. Competitive Environment
b. Company

2. Application of TWO DIFFERENT Competitive Environment concepts/approaches to:
a. One concept/approach on your selected Competitive Environment
b. One concept/approach on Ice Cream in a country of your choice

3. Application of TWO DIFFERENT Company Strategy concepts/approaches to:
a. One concept/approach on your selected company
b. One concept/approach on Unilever

Assignment Structure Guidelines
– 1,000 words maximum – 8 pages maximum
– Cover sheet, contents page, bibliography are not part of word count or page length – guidelines
– Labelled Diagrams and Tabulations are not part of your word count Appendix data is not wanted
Assignments significantly in excess of word count or page length guidelines will be penalised.

Assignment Format
1.Background to your selected Competitive Environment and Company
2. Application of ONE concept/approach to your selected Competitive Environment and ONE concept/approach to your selected company
3.Application of ONE concept/approach to Unilever and ONE concept/approach on Ice Cream in a country of your choice.

Assignment Style Guidelines
> The Strategic Management style stresses:
. Labelled Diagrams and Tabulations
. Quantification. Where data is not available provide best estimates
. Trends/the future
. Do not explain concepts/approaches, the marker is familiar with them, just managerially apply them
. The Managerial Implications
.Managerial actions to be considered
> If appropriate construct a labelled diagram for your application
> Always finish an application with the managerial implications/actions to be considered

Assignment Detail Background (200 words maximum)
a. Competitive Environment
− Define your Arena/Industry/Market
− If data is available quantify by revenue/units and show trends
− Comment on competitors, customers
− What are the key issues/challenges/opportunities in the Competitive Environment?

b. Company
– Outline overall financial performance (a table with key figures/ratios) and comment on performance
− Quantify and trend the portfolio
− What are the key issues/challenges/opportunities faced by the Company?

Competitive Environment Applications (400 words maximum)
Select TWO DIFFERENT Concepts/approaches and apply one to your selected Competitive Environment and one to Ice Cream in a country of your choice (Euromonitor provides country reports – but you can also refer to other sources)

Concepts/Approaches to select from:
The Arena Map
The Profit Pool Map
The Five Forces
Strategic Imperatives/Key Success Factors
Competitor Analysis
Scanning and Screening the Wider Environment

Company Strategy Applications (400 words maximum)
Select TWO DIFFERENT concepts/approaches and apply one to your selected Company and one to Unilever.
Concepts/Approaches to select from:
Value Statements
Analysing and Developing Resources & Capabilities (Grant chapter 5 especially pages
Portfolio Analysis (select one portfolio grid)
Mergers and Acquisition
Vertical Integration (Grant chapter 11)
Diversification (Grant chapter 13)

Confidentiality Considerations
You should not omit data/analysis needed to complete the assignment on the grounds of confidentiality. If you have concerns over confidentiality you can:
– Change the name of your company
– Use a disguise factor (i.e.: divide all data by a percentage)

further instruction on the format of the essay:
The normal protocol for submitting assignments is adopted: “The assignment should be typed, 10 or 11 point font size (Times Roman or similar if possible) double spaced, with a 4cm margin on the right side of the page with the page size specified as UK A4. All pages must be numbered.” The assignment is limited to 8 pages with the protocol specified above.


please use AMEX USA as example of the company of my choice beside Unilever which is given in the order.


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