What approach to research most appeals to you – quantitative or qualitative? Why?

Research Design Approach

For this final part of the project, you will be identifying the research and design approach that is suitable for the extension study. In this section describe the approach as thoroughly as possible including the following:

  • Research Approach (Exploratory vs Hypothesis-Based)
  • Research Design (Qualitative vs Quantitative vs Mixed Methods)
  • Research Methods utilized

Include a discussion of considerations such as internal or external validity. Also include a discussion that provides justification for the choices you have made with respect to the proposed approach.

Submit this assignment (3-4 pages) to the dropbox no later than the date indicated above.


Quantitative vs Qualitative Methods

What approach to research most appeals to you – quantitative or qualitative? Why? Given the topic area you are interested in studying, can you determine what approach might be best?

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