What impact did the Great Depression have on film making?

For this assignment, please view the videos linked below answer the questions related to Video #1 included below, and share your overall thoughts/take aways from the collection of videos here (at least 2 full paragraphs). There will not be a reading quiz from book for this assignment.

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Video #1: History of Homosexuality on Film  — https://youtu.be/SeDhMKd83r4

Video #1 Q’s

1. What impact did the Great Depression have on film making?

2. What was the purpose of the Legion of Decency?

3. Describe the Production Code.

4. How did the Stonewall incident change the perspective of movie producers in relation to making films including homosexuals?

5. Why does fiction matter?

Video #2: The Gay Culture, According to Television — https://youtu.be/EbdxRZJfRp4

Video #3: Top 10 Groundbreaking Moments for LGBTQ Characters on TV — https://youtu.be/yXJAzPJFjQ8

Video #4: I’m Gay, But I’m not … — https://criticalmediaproject.org/im-gay-but-im-not/

Video #5: Acting Gay – One Word Cut — https://youtu.be/a4jfiqiIy0A

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