What is the History of Special Education ?

Special education specialists use foundational knowledge of the field and professional Ethical Principles and Practice Standards to inform special education practice, engage in lifelong learning, advance the profession, and perform leadership responsibilities to promote the success of professional colleagues and individuals with exceptionalities.
 Element 6.1-a comprehensive understanding of the history of special education, legal policies, ethical standards, and emerging issues informs special education specialist’s leadership.
Directions: PLEASE read assignment and rubric well.

  1. Create a timeline tracing the history of special education legislation, case law, and policies to present day. {This can be a graphic}
  2. Briefly in detail describe each milestone.
  3. In detail compare and contrast IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and Section 504 (e.g., eligibility, documentation, parental consent, and parental involvement).
  4. See Syllabus Appendix B for Grading Rubric.


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