Which of the followings is/are using Fintech? (choose all correct)


  1. Which of the followings is/are using Fintech? (choose all correct)
    1. Google Wallet
    2. Apple Pay
    3. Credit card with online purchase
    4. Paypal


  1. Which is the old definition of Fintech?
    1. It is a subject combined with Finance and technology
    2. It is a subject using Internet and technology to perform financial services
    3. It is a subject applied to the back-end systems in banks and financial companies
    4. None of the above


  1. Which of the following services can be potentially developed in Fintech?
  2. Lending
  3. Investment
  • Payment
  1. Money transfer
  2. E-commerce


  1. II and IV
  2. II and III
  3. I, II and III
  4. All of the above


  1. Apart from Finance and Technologies, one important highlight in Fintech is:
    1. Better Security
    2. Unable for modification
    3. Faster in speed
    4. Innovation



  1. Who is/are the players of Fintech industry? (choose all correct)
  2. Startup companies
  3. Tech companies
  • Traditional banks
  1. Card companies
  2. E-commerce companies


  1. II and V
  2. II and III
  3. II and IV
  4. All of the above


  1.                                              is a way called “alternative financing”, and it is main source of startup companies to getting funding from the mass It is now made possible by using Fintech.
    1. RegTech
    2. Lending
    3. Crowdfunding
    4. None of the above


  1.                                                is a communication protocol used for cross border payments.
    1. VISA
    2. SWIFT
    3. UnionPay


  1. Fintech has been largely enhanced due to the invention of smart phone.


a. 1.0
b. 2.0
c. 3.0
d. 3.5


  1.                                  as-a-Service, known as SaaS, are used by many companies It is a storage rent by companies to put all their services, applications and data to the Cloud.
    1. Storage
    2. Service
    3. Surface
    4. None of the above



  1. As a trading partner of a China company, which one of the following is recommended to use for your company?
    1. Apple iCloud
    2. Google Drive
    3. Alibaba Cloud
    4. Amazon AWS



SECTION B        Fill in the blanks


  1.                              payment developed in Fintech can reduce human errors, costs, and improve the efficiency of business

Ans: Cashless


  1. Payment settlement in Fintech, g. used by mobile apps, can be used in both B2C and commerce. Ans: B2B


  1.                            service provided by Fintech is a kind of disruptive innovation among the financial


  1.                                                is a kind of financial advisory service to provide tailor-made financial advices based on real-time


  1.                                               , which means the way of getting funds to support the company operations, can be assisted by the help of


  1. By means of Fintech, , which is a type of compliance, can improve the current regulatory
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