Would you rather work for a public relations agency/department? Explain your preference.

  1. Search for a familiar brand’s website or social media presence as it appears in another country (for example, “McDonald’s India,” McDonald’s Facebook India,” Red Bull Japan” or “Greenpeace Argentina”). What evidence of cultural convergence do you see? Is the cultural sharing working in both directions?
  2. Describe a paid advertisement you’ve recently observed that does not seem to be selling a particular product or service. Who is the ad “marketing” to and why?
  3. CASE STUDY: Why does Red Bull invest so much in content like that presented on Redbull.com? What is the return on that investment?
  4. Would you rather work for a public relations agency/department? Explain your preference.

6. Carefully review the terms of service for one of your social media accounts. Do they appear to be in compliance with GDPR? Have you seen any evidence of the company using/selling your data for specific purposes (for example personally targeted ads)? What’s the difference between the company’s legal obligations in getting your consent and handling your information?

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Critical analysis of Change4Life Campaign

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