write on any topic related to technology security

Upload your Term Project Paper and presentation here. You may write on any topic related to technology security.

You must produce a minimum of a 10 pages paper. You must use a minimum of 5 references, citing the references where you used the material within the paper itself.

– Assure you are citing in APA format

-You must use a minimum of one graphic or image (may use a table)

– Double-space the paper

– You must use APA formatting (6th Edition)

You will need to develop a PowerPoint presentation to summarize your final report. Use transition and animation in your slides. Ten to twenty slides are required to highlight your project.

Submission status

Submission statusNo attemptGrading statusNot gradedDue dateWednesday, February 26, 2020, 11:55 PMTime remaining5 days 10 hoursGrading criteria

10 – 9points

8 points

7 points

6 points – 1 point

0 points–did not submit

Context and Background InformationClearly developed with the appropriate detailsMaximum score10ContentInformation/topic is interesting and realisticMaximum score10APA FormatUsed APA format correctly throughout paperMaximum score10Used Compelling Chart, Table, or Map to Illustrate Something in the PaperA compelling chart, table, or map was used correctly to illustrate a point in the paperMaximum score10OpeningExcellent openingMaximum score10Body of PaperExcellent body of paper detailing two to three main pointsMaximum score10ClosingExcellent closingMaximum score10ReferencesIncluded a list of all references used and all references were cited correctlyMaximum score10Writing SkillsWriting is totally free of errorsMaximum score10FormatFormat is appropriate and enhances the understanding of the topic in a creative and dramatic manner throughout the paperMaximum score10

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